‘New Year, New Me!!!’ *ROLLS EYES*

Brace yourself and prepare for the shit storm of New Year’s resolutions that will soon be thrust upon us… Through social media, advertisements commercialising the best tools to realise said goals, chit chat with friends and families. It’s relentless, and there’s unfortunately no way to stop ourselves from being bombarded with all this crap. Yaaaay… 

Not going to lie, this is my literally me down to a T:


I’m not entirely against the concept of setting goals – regardless of the time of year!!! – as long as these ‘resolutions’ are something positive/attainable. Want to make a change? What makes the New Year such a special time to set them? After all, starting anew can be great, but risking your health for the sake of achieving these goals? It’s honestly not worth it. It really isn’t. And yes, I’m talking about the diet talk *rolls eyes again* that is bound to crop up. And weight loss seems to be at the heart of many resolutions. That alone is horrific. Why do we feel the need to set these, let’s face it, unrealistic, resolutions? Only setting ourselves up for failure. 

It’s such a shame that we live in a society in which we are dominated by looks, many are degraded for not looking a certain way, etc. Yes, this year has seen a huge influx in the body positivity movement*, notably on instagram, which are honestly doing an amazing job. EVERYBODY, regardless of their BODY, is deserving of happiness, acceptance and appreciation. Will their tireless efforts prevent weight loss being at the forefront of peoples’ minds as the New Year approaches? Highly unlikely; that breaks my heart. Diet pills, slim shakes, and all those –  let’s face it, shitty – products demanded by those conditioned by society/social media to look a certain way will no likely rise. AND IT’S FUCKING BOLLOCKS. God, this aspect of society really does infuriate me. 


No one, regardless of weight, shape or looks is unworthy. 

To end with one of the best things a dear friend said to me many a time: ‘YOU BE YOU.’ 

So, you be you. You’re worth the universe and more.


*Go check it out – it’s awesome!!!

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